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Studio Photography

Kids + Pets + Products

What Is Studio Photography?

Studio photography is a type of photography that is typically done in a controlled indoor setting,. It involves using artificial lighting, backdrops, props, and other equipment to create high-quality images of people, products, or other subjects. Studio photography allows photographers to have more control over the lighting, composition, and overall look of their images compared to outdoor or natural light photography. It is commonly used for portrait, fashion, commercial, and product photography.


Kids Portrait Sessions

Kids portrait photography captures the innocence, joy, and playfulness of children in a beautiful and artistic way. It focuses on capturing genuine smiles, laughter, and expressions that are unique to each child. Working as a team, we aim to create timeless and memorable images that reflect the personality and spirit of the child. If you're celebrating a special day and/or if you'd like us to setup a specific theme for the session please get in touch and share your vision so we can make it come to life!


Pets Portrait Sessions

Pet portrait photography is a specialized type of photography that focuses on capturing the unique personalities and characteristics of pets. This can include traditional portraits of pets posing for the camera, candid shots, and action shots that showcase pets in motion. We use creative and engaging techniques to capture the personalities of the animals we are photographing, also have the owners get in some shots, show their amazing connection, resulting in beautiful and compelling images that pet owners can treasure for years to come.


Product Studio Sessions

Product studio photography involves taking high-quality images of products in a studio setting. The goal of product studio photography is to showcase products in the best possible light, highlighting their features and qualities while ensuring accurate representation of colors and textures. This type of photography is commonly used for e-commerce websites, advertisements, packaging, and promotional materials. 

Studio Photography Session Investment

Investing in a studio photography session can be a great way to create high-quality, professional images for personal or business use. A studio session allows for controlled lighting and backgrounds, resulting in polished and visually appealing photos.

There are various factors to consider when budgeting for a studio photography session, such as the photographer's rates, any additional costs for props or theme, creative assistant/stylist, and studio space. It's important to research and choose a photographer whose style aligns with your vision and budget.

Ultimately, the investment in a studio photography session can be well worth it for the quality and impact of the final images. Whether you're looking to update your personal portfolio, showcase products for your business, or capture important life moments, a studio photography session can help you achieve your goals effectively and professionally.

Let’s Work Together

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**Pricing starting from $495/session** The studio is in Midtown Miami area

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