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Elevate Your Menus Across Your Restaurant!

We have partnered with Must Have Menus - an online platform that integrates menu data with world class design, then delivers through digital signage, print and web links to boost operator profits.


The Must Have Menus offer digital menu board solution:

Display software connects your digital menu boards to their world class design tools seamlessly. Create stunning visuals and playlists to increase sales, and easily keep your menus up-to-date!


Must Have Menus menu design tools, branding services, printing, QR codes, link pages, mobile-optimized menus and online publishing services have been used by tens of thousands of restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, and hospitality businesses around the world.


The mission of Must Have Menus is to help independent restaurants worldwide build their brands, celebrate their food cultures, and realize their business dreams. They are dedicated to helping small businesses serve their customers with excellence.

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